Human risk management:
High level of technical expertise

In the core of the electronic security industry, ALTEL offers five technology platforms that help supervisors and managers during their monitoring activities:

  • Access control
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Barriers and turnstiles
  • Anti-intrusion systems
  • Personalized integration


Access control provides effective solutions for identification, indoor and outdoor monitoring and visitor traffic, all while limiting accessible areas with custom access levels. You can control the hours of operation depending on shifts or restrict access for a group of individuals in specific areas. It’s an excellent way to control the access of specific individuals who do not have the required authorization.

  • Multiple sites with shared databases
  • Turnstiles and motorized lift gates
  • Networking, design and services*

    * Only in conjunction with security systems.

  • Elevator controllers
  • Biometric reader combinations
  • Eye recognition combinations

  • Database integration
  • Redundancy systems
  • ERP systems integration



The role of a camera surveillance system is to detect, record, transmit and alert the monitoring station if problems are detected in protected areas. In constant contact and interaction with other security systems (access control, intrusion alarms), this solution provides an extremely accurate overview, regardless of the distance and lighting conditions. These facilities begin generating profit quickly due to increased efficiency and reduction in the need for personnel.
Video surveillance is proven to be the perfect complement to access control systems.

  • HD Cameras
  • Digital recording systems

  • Image analysis
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Wireless transmission systems

  • Access control system integration
  • License plate recognition systems



ALTEL has extensive expertise in the field of automated access control security. For both pedestrian and vehicle access, all products and services are designed to meet your needs. This expertise coupled with our ability to integrate systems with your existing security platforms allows for complete control of your installations.

  • Half-height turnstiles
  • Architectural departure doors

  • Full-height turnstiles
  • Motorized parking barrier

  • Solutions for transporting goods in port areas
  • High security barriers with lattice enclosures



The most commonly known anti-intrusion systems among the general public are intrusion detection systems linked to a central alarm, spot or motion sensor detectors, and aural devices. However, there are a host of increasingly sophisticated alternatives designed to prevent intrusions both inside and outside of your building. ALTEL can meet your needs no matter the surface area to be covered.

  • A wide range of advanced detection equipment
  • Access control systems integration
  • Interior/exterior perimeter protection

  • Volumetric protection
  • Monitoring of all types of access points
  • TCP/IP transmission

  • Cellular transmission



We deliver and install custom systems in harmony with your needs. We have the know-how and expertise required to ensure seamless and efficient integration with your security system. Our solutions are adapted to your individual needs. Rest assured that we will find, create and adapt the perfect product to ensure easy integration with your existing systems. Due to our comprehensive and fully integrated solutions with your current operations, you can be confident in the measures undertaken for further developing your business.

  • Personalized message sign
  • Vehicle routing
  • Digital timers with enhanced features
  • Elevator button lighting management modules

  • Specialized supply units
  • Data management / distribution and custom SQL integration.
  • Creation of custom reports such as: time and attendance, traffic flow analysis, logistics

  • Integration of our areas of activity: access, CCTV, anti-intrusion, barriers and turnstiles, custom integration.
  • Integration with your LDAP directories and enterprise resource planning software (ERP)
  • Contact us for all custom requests.